Pilot 1: “AI Business Models and Role Development”

AI business models and role development: Development of an AI-based business model that is based on modified process flows and AI role concepts in terms of work organization.

Pilot 2: “Algorithm for the Identification of Treatment Options”

Algorithm for the identification of treatment options: Implementation of a prototypical workflow process for the identification of epilepsy lesions requiring treatment using MRI data.

Pilot 3: “Increasing the Acceptance of an AI-based Inspection System”

Service innovation in quality control while ensuring social acceptance in management and workforce

Pilot 4: “AI-Based Assessment of Damage to Motor Vehicles”

AI-based assessment of damage to motor vehicles: Development of an AI component for the assessment and report generation and evaluation with regard to employee acceptance.

Pilot 5: “Development of an AI-based inspection assistant for weld seam detection”

Development of an AI-based inspection assistant for weld seam detection: Development of an assistance system for optical quality inspection

Pilot 6: “Root Cause Analysis of Quality Deviations in Steel Rolling Processes”

Root cause analysis for quality deviations and complex process chains

Pilot 7: “Assistance Systems for Speech Recognition in Therapy and Care”

Assistance systems for speech recognition in healthcare: Realization of an AI-based demonstrator system for speech-based care documentation and development of guidelines for the sustainable implementation of AI-based assistance systems in therapeutic care