The HUMAINE toolbox consists of analysis, diagnosis and testing tools based on the interdisciplinary expertise of the project team and its partners.. The tools are validated at our practice partnersand continuously developed further.

AI Developers Work Group

The AI-Developer Work Group is a regular exchange format for the operational application of artificial intelligence, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.
There will be keynote presentations from academics and practitioners, and the opportunity to learn about current trends in AI and discuss issues in your own development practice.

Idea Lab

The Idea Lab is an event format focusing on the question “How can the working world of the future be shaped?”
Exciting keynotes, input from experts, and joint discussions will provide insights into research and practice. The format provides you with enough room to discuss and ask questions in person with those involved, as well as to gain contact with our network.


The HUMAINE certification allows you to visibly demonstrate to your customers, suppliers, and employees that your company takes a human-centered approach to AI development and use.

HUMAINE Community

HUMAINE members have access to events such as work groups, Idea Labs or a Spring Reception for exchange within and outside the network.

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