Dear Friends of HUMAINE,

we are sure you are already excited about the exhibitors and job opportunities at HUMAINE Career Fair 2023.
Today we would like to introduce you to our pilot partner VISUS HealthIT GmbH, who will also be present at the career fair with a large number of job vacancies.

What can you expect when you join VISUS?
We have asked the most important questions for you:

How is AI used in the company?

VISUS Health IT, based in Bochum, focuses on the handling of medical image data: How can it be made available efficiently, archived reliably and displayed intuitively for users? The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly widespread in recent years, particularly in the field of medical imaging, and has matured into an important technology. Learning processes are essential methods, especially for image analysis, i.e. the observation of image content through segmentation (localisation) and classification (evaluation). In radiology, for example, computer-aided detection (CAD) is used to automatically identify lung anomalies in computed tomography scans. And even when evaluating X-ray-based mammography images, doctors often use special solutions to detect breast cancer. Such CAD-based markers are already routinely displayed in the VISUS software JiveX and included in the doctor’s assessment. Such techniques complement the doctor’s thorough diagnosis and provide valuable additional information, which means increased safety for patients.

What will working with AI look like in your company in 10 years?

Working with AI in everyday life is currently undergoing a transformation: targeted platforms such as the “AI marketplace” now provide convenient access to a wide range of evaluation algorithms. This means that a wide range of AI solutions can be deployed on demand. Radiologists can therefore access the AI results in a relatively short time in the comfort of their familiar environment. This trend is expected to intensify in the coming years. This also increases the demands on the VISUS radiology software: it must be able to handle the ever-increasing amount of different image data and at the same time work in close dialogue with the AI systems. The information returned by artificial intelligence varies greatly, as do the software interfaces used. This means that the VISUS platform JiveX is constantly faced with new and exciting challenges.

What is there to learn with you?

Our developers are constantly working to expand this network. Whether it is new ways of displaying findings or special methods of image processing, our software must constantly adapt. As experts in medical imaging, we not only ensure effective implementation, but also keep an eye on efficiency. We support doctors in their daily workflow and ensure that the integration of AI enhances their work with sound and relevant information.

Are you curious and would you like to know more about VISUS?

You will have the opportunity to do so on 24 March 2023.