Dear Friends of HUMAINE,


We are sure you are already looking forward to seeing the contributions and demonstrations at our HUMAINE Spring Fair 2023.

Today we would like to give you a small insight into our program and present the demonstrator of our pilot application 5 with sentin GmbH, the Chair of Production Systems and the Chair of Work, Organizational and Business Psychology:


We present the human-centred design of an assistance system using the example of AI-based image analysis. Today, this takes place in a variety of industrial applications such as quality control. With our concept, we want to show how assistance systems based on AI can support people in image analysis in the best possible way and can be seamlessly integrated into the analysis process.

In addition to the underlying concept and industry application examples, we also show a concrete experiment that emphasises the practical applicability.


See all this and more at the Spring Fair on 23 March 2023.