Last week, we held our ideas lab on the topic of “Shaping the co-determined introduction of AI”. The hybrid format of the event also offered international participants the opportunity to attend the presentations and engage in dialogue with us on site at ZESS. We welcomed four experts, who each gave an interesting insight into the topic:

Giovanni Suriano from the Group Works Council of Deutsche Telekom AG spoke about the “AI Manifesto”, which provides a framework of rules for the ethical and meaningful use of AI in the workplace. He presented the principles of how employers should design AI so that employees can work with it without hesitation. Finally, Suriano used the example of Deutsche Telekom AG to explain how AI can best be integrated into day-to-day work in order to ensure that AI is used in accordance with the rules in companies.

As a specialist lawyer, Dr. Frank Lorenz spoke about AI in a legal context. As an introduction, he explained what regulatory initiatives are needed for “ethical AI” and what the associated expectations and risks are in terms of labour law. He also pointed to the need to modernise works council laws to give new technology a proper place in companies.

Prof. Virginia Doellgast joint us from the USA. She presented an international perspective on the previously presented “AI Manifesto” by Giovanni Suriano. She backed this up with facts from North America and Scandinavia, and gave us an insight into how the US population is reacting to the progress of AI. We are looking forward to this interesting overview from an international perspective.

Prof. Birgit Apitzsch explained in her presentation the challenges and the relevance of co-determination in companies. Her focus was on the use of externals in IT projects. She sees potential risks in the use of external digitisation experts and provides an overview of issues relating to health and safety, regulation and corporate boundaries. Finally, she also put any questions that arose up for discussion.

We would like to thank all those present, especially our experts, for coming and for their extraordinary willingness to exchange ideas. The lively attendance at the subsequent discussion tables ensured a further intensive exchange of ideas.

The idea lab closes the year 2023 with a highlight for us. We look forward to more interesting events next year! Join us and visit our next AI working group on 19 February 2024.