We accompany IMS Messsysteme GmbH in the ongoing development of their AI-based software for the inspection of steel surfaces. The goal is to further increase user-friendliness. How does it work? A four-step implementation is planned:

Potential analysis 📊
The potential of the use case was analyzed in two workshops with IMS Messsysteme GmbH and our experts from the institutes involved. We used design thinking methods to outline the current business model and the users of the software.

Interaction concept 🤝
Further development should focus on the users. For this purpose, they were outlined in the form of personas, which now need to be validated and supplemented. For this purpose, we conduct interviews with current users of the software. We want to understand if there are any hurdles to using the software and how we can make the user experience more intuitive and improve it to further increase acceptance. The resulting interaction concept will then conceptually support the implementation of initial prototypes.

Prototype implementation 🤖
The potential analysis has already generated initial ideas for enhancements to the AI-based software, the feasibility of which has been evaluated. Our team at the Institute of Neuroinformatics will support IMS Messysteme GmbH over the next few months in the realization of the selected ideas.

Evaluation 📋
Finally, we need to determine the degree to which the prototypes have improved the user experience of the software and which approaches in particular have contributed to the success of the pilot use case.
The cooperation with IMS Messsysteme GmbH so far has already produced many exciting findings. We are very much looking forward to deepening this in the further course of the pilot project!