Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as the driving force behind a changing world of work due to its progressive development and increasing networking in business practice. Despite the enormous changes for companies and organisations, the impact of AI technologies on human employees has received little consideration in the development and implementation process. However, focusing on people and their abilities and needs is what makes it possible to unlock synergies and achieve desirable individual and organisational results.

As part of the HUMAINE research project, Sophie Berretta, Dr Alina Tausch, Prof. Dr Corinna Peifer and Prof. Dr Annette Kluge therefore worked on the development of a survey inventory to support companies and organisations in the human-centred implementation and application of intelligent technologies The so-called Job Perception Inventory (JOPI) functions as a work analysis instrument and is made up of established and self-developed questionnaire scales.

Insights into the development of the JOPI, its first use and the resulting implications can now be found in the recently published, open-access article.