Dear Friends of HUMAINE,

we are sure you are already excited about the exhibitors and job opportunities at HUMAINE Career Fair 2023.
Today we are introducing our pilot partner IMS Messsysteme GmbH, which is also taking part in the graduate fair with many vacancies.

What can you expect after joining IMS?
We have asked the most important questions for you:

How is AI used in the company?

Artificial intelligence is a central component of our surface inspection systems, which we have been successfully developing and selling for many years. Depending on customer requirements, we use industrial cameras or triangulation sensors to produce high resolution images of steel surfaces. Using industrial image processing and machine learning methods, we examine the captured images for surface defects and evaluate the product quality.

What will working with AI look like in your company in 10 years?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We see innovations in artificial intelligence as an opportunity to evolve and continuously improve our systems. Because our systems are used worldwide and the users are a very heterogeneous group with different prior knowledge and expectations, we pay particular attention to a human-machine interface that is easy to use and provides users with transparent and comprehensible decisions. We are working to ensure that, in 10 years working with AI will make everyday work easier for a wider audience and deliver better results.

What can one only learn from you?

We work on the realization of exciting projects in interdisciplinary project teams. We have offices around the world to be close to our customers. In addition to professional development, teamwork and intercultural competence are skills that you can learn well with us and develop in daily contact.

Are you curious and want to know more about IMS?
You will have the opportunity to do so on 24 March 2023.