Dear Friends of HUMAINE,

We are sure you are already looking forward to seeing the contributions and demonstrations at our HUMAINE Spring Fair 2023.
Today we would like to give you an insight into our programme and present the joint demonstrator of Think2 and the Institute for Work Science (IAW):

At ZESS, we are building a new type of simulation lab where teams can experience different phases of working with AI. These range from purely human services, training an AI in the work process, using the AI system to provide support and relief, dealing with AI failure, to fully integrating AI into the work process. The focus of the simulation is to make the change in work roles tangible and to practice role development when working with AI.

In the video, we show what interaction can look like in three different phases, explain the basics of role development in the AI Lab using a poster, and let you try it out for yourself. So get yourselves together in teams.

See all this and more at the Spring Fair on 23 March 2023.