Dear Friends of HUMAINE,


we are sure you are already excited about the exhibitors and job opportunities at HUMAINE Career Fair 2023.

Today we are introducing evocenta GmbH from Gelsenkirchen, which is also taking part in the graduate fair with many vacancies.


What can you expect after starting at evocenta?

We have asked the most important questions for you:


  1. How is AI used in the company?

We develop our own AI models in our F&E department and combine these with existing solutions in our AI platform (EMMA), which can be used to intelligently automate a wide range of business processes. Our AI solutions lead to resilient increases in quality and quantity.


  1. What will working with AI look like in your company in 10 years?

Our AI platform EMMA as the market leader is used for innovative automation in all industries and sectors.


  1. What can one only learn from you?

AI is now used in many sectors, but we are building a unique, disruptive AI platform that is constantly growing and is set to revolutionise customer support


How EMMA works: EMMA – The film: Artificial intelligence comes to life – YouTube


Are you curious to find out more about evocenta?

You will have the opportunity to do so on 24 March 2023.
You can find more information and the registration form here: