Dear Friends of HUMAINE,

We are sure you are already looking forward to seeing the contributions and demonstrations at our HUMAINE Spring Fair 2023.
We would like to give you an insight into our programme and to introduce you to the exhibition concept of the Institute of Neuroinformatics (INI):

We as the INI want to show you how AI can be designed in a human-centred way. For this purpose, we are bringing two demonstrators to the Spring Fair to try out.
Our second demonstrator is called ProtoP-OD and is an example of an approach to make the process of AI-based object recognition in images transparent for users. For this our neural model in ProtoP-OD works with a representation of the image as a human-readable map that assigns a feature to each pixel, which in turn is assigned to a category of objects. This means that the model not only says where it recognises a person or a book, but also whether it recognises, for example, a bookshelf or a torso somewhere in the image.

See all this and more at the Spring Fair on 23 March 2023.