Dear Friends of HUMAINE,

Today was the first day of our well attended HUMAINE Career Fair.
Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to SNAP GmbH, which was present with many vacancies.

What can you expect when you join SNAP?
We have asked the most important questions for you:

>>Where is AI used at SNAP?

SNAP GmbH is a technology company based in Bochum, specialising in AI. SNAP researches and develops cutting-edge technologies and supports science and industry with AI-based products and services. SNAP develops holistic AI-based solutions for businesses, from software to hardware. The company focuses on the development of image-based quality inspection systems (SNAP Vision) and automated machine control optimisation (SNAP Control). The use of AI offers great potential for businesses. Nevertheless, most companies are still in the early stages of implementation. Artificial intelligence can be used to reduce development time, avoid errors and reduce the resulting costs. In the area of research and development, work is being carried out on cutting-edge technologies for the future. The focus here is on the development of a brain-computer interface (BCI) for the intuitive control of computers. SNAP’s software platform is the basis for scaling products and services and is continuously improved through research and development.

>>What will working with AI look like in your company in 10 years?

SNAP’s vision for the future is to develop a robust, intuitive BCI system consisting of hardware and software. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how quickly the world of work can change when there is an acute need for digital advancement. As a result, digitalisation has been increasingly used since the pandemic measures were introduced. This is a great opportunity for the world of work to be increasingly equipped with digital assistance systems and to drive digitalisation forward. AI solutions will also be one of the key drivers of the future. The future of work will see insights, predictions and decisions enhanced by artificial intelligence. New technologies are taking a huge amount of work off the shoulders of employees. There are many ways to optimise processes and products. In the more distant future, brain-computer interface systems will complete the human-technology interaction interfaces of AI-based digital assistance systems.

>>What can one only learn from you?

SNAP covers the entire development of AI systems, from data collection and processing to the application of AI. We cover programming in all hierarchies where AI is used. From well-maintained database systems, embedded systems and real-time pattern recognition to appropriate user interfaces, you can work with us in all areas of SNAP.