This year, a very special opportunity was created to give the now 13 competence centers of work research a stage within the framework of the GfA. On the evening before the 70th GfA Spring Congress, representatives of the 12 other competence centers, the CoCo and WIN:A meta-projects, the project sponsor from Karlsruhe, the University of Stuttgart, GfA participants and other interested parties gathered in the ARENA3036 in the immediate vicinity of the University of Stuttgart with the participation of HUMAINE to gain insights into the work of the competence centers, promote joint exchange and learn from each other. In a triad, the intention of regionalized labour research was first classified by several experts. The marketplace was then opened and the competence centers presented themselves at their own market stands. The focus was on presenting a successful use case from the project. A particular highlight was the fishbowl discussion format, in which a total of four competence centers, including HUMAINE, addressed the success factors of knowledge transfer. Prof. Dr. Uta Wilkens and Dr. Valentin Langholf focused on the aspect of role development, which must take place in companies in order to use AI in a way that promotes motivation and skills. In an interactive interview format, they added insights from the pilot application with the company SEEPEX, pointed out that the change of roles in companies should already be taken into account during training, and presented the AI training lab that is being developed in the project and which enables participants to experience working with AI in a simulation environment. In addition to many familiar faces, new contacts and starting points for future collaboration were made.