An exciting opportunity for international research exchange arose when a delegation of university rectors from Ghana visited the O-Werk on Mark 51°7 on 1 December 2023. The six-strong delegation was in Bochum as part of a DIES delegation trip organised by the German Rectors’ Conference and took the opportunity to discuss the Worldfactory’s offerings and other topics in depth. In this context, the team from the Chair of Work, Human Resources and Leadership also invited the delegation to their wing in the O-Werk to give them an insight into the HUMAINE research project and the NET-hUmAIN project, which recently won the WUN Award. The global and context-sensitive approach to working with artificial intelligence in particular met with a great deal of interest and offered points of contact for a lively exchange. This is to be continued in the future through possible co-operations within the framework of NET-hUmAIN.