Anika Thurman from the HUMAINE team at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences presented the results of our feasibility study to the international specialist community at the NeuroConclave2024 congress. 90% of Parkinson’s patients develop speech disorders (dysarthria) that require intensive therapy. Cognitive speech recognition with AI enables personalised speech therapy. HUMAINE is investigating strategies for the integration of AI systems into routine care.
The ISi-Speech technology, an AI-supported voice assistance system, was subjected to a feasibility study. A survey of speech and language therapists identified the workflows and needs for the use of AI.
The study revealed a lack of knowledge as a significant barrier to the effective utilisation of AI. However, the organisation of an introductory workshop with comprehensive materials led to a high level of acceptance and openness towards smart technologies. The results form the basis for a best-practice model for AI-based assistance systems in routine care. Furthermore, the exchange with other scientists offered new perspectives and approaches for a human-centred implementation of AI in the working world of healthcare in Germany. The objective is now to transform the findings of the study into tangible standards and best practice, thereby ensuring their accessibility to the broad spectrum of therapy.