Dear Friends of HUMAINE,

Today was the first day of our well attended HUMAINE Career Fair.
Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to MotionMiners GmbH, who were present with many vacancies.

What can you expect when you join MotionMiners?
We have asked the most important questions for you:

>>How/where is AI used in the company?

Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of our Motion MiningĀ® Technology. Our technology enables us to automate manual work processes and make them anonymous. Using Machine-Learning-Algorithmen, the work steps are automatically reconstructed and made available for further analysis.

>>What will working with AI look like in your company in 10 years?

The field of artificial intelligence will always be very important for us. It is difficult to say exactly how it will be used in 10 years, as the possibilities of artificial intelligence are developing rapidly. However, our ambition is to provide the world’s most flexible and comprehensive toolbox for analysing human activity. A key factor in achieving this vision is artificial intelligence.

>>What is there to learn with you?

Working in a five-year-old start-up is diverse and varied, which is why we encourage both professional and personal development. We aim to give people responsibility at an early stage, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration in diverse teams. As customer visits and projects are part of our daily work, we integrate all our employees from day one, regardless of whether they are interns or trainees. On the one hand, this enables us to provide intensive practical experience and insights into the industry, and on the other hand, our flat hierarchies give us the opportunity to contribute our own ideas and discussions and to actively participate in our development.