During her research semester, Prof. Dr. Uta Wilkens visits selected international research partners. In May, she visited the University of York and exchanged ideas with colleagues from Computer Science, Humanities, Philosophy & Sociology.

The Department of Computer Science invited her to give the lecture:

Wilkens, U.: Human-centered AI at work from a transdisciplinary research perspective

and co-authored the article:

Wilkens, U. & Field, A. (2023). Creative intent and reflective practices for reliable and performative human-AI systems. Appears in: Deuse, J. (Ed.): How can industrial management contribute to a brighter future? Open Access, GITO-Verlag, Berlin. The following link leads to the abstract: Link

This was followed in June and July by a guest visit to the ATLAS Institute, CU Boulder, Colorado. This was connected, among other things, with a lecture: Wilkens, U.: “Analyzing role concepts of human-AI-interaction at work – and how this complements HCI research” at the ATLAS Institute and participation in the conference: “How Does AI Change Higher Education?” in Denver,13 July 2023 and participation in the USTTI course on the information and telecommunications industry as a discussion participant (round table). The participants came from various African and South American countries as well as Central Asia and were sent by their national governments. The feedback from the participants emphasised the particular interest in the topics presented on the reliability and human-centric use of artificial intelligence.

The photo above shows the course participants and individual lecturers, including the course leader Prof. Gabor Molnar (back, 1st from the right), Prof. Phil Weiser (Attorney General of the State of Colorado, behind 2nd from right) and Prof. Uta Wilkens (centre, 2nd from rechts).