Robert Kilian is visiting IdeaLab on 17.10.2023!

The topic of his presentation is “AI Regulation and Certification of Algorithms.”

Artificial intelligence is not only the central technology of the future, but is already known to determine our everyday lives. Thus, the use of algorithms plays a prominent role in almost all industries. Digitally driven applications, such as assisted driving, diagnostics through medical devices, streaming and filtering of media, lending and securities trading, as well as most integrated factory processes in the context of smart manufacturing, can no longer be implemented efficiently without AI.

As a key driver of digital transformation, the careful consideration of AI is also an absolute priority for national and supranational legislators. In the context of the digital decade it has proclaimed, the European Commission has presented a comprehensive draft for an AI regulation that is intended to be the world’s first set of regulations to establish a legal framework for the development, use and sale of AI systems. This codification, in combination with a variety of sector-specific requirements, creates a unique opportunity to establish Europe as a pioneer for trust-based artificial intelligence. In doing so, the tension between effective privacy protection, the protection of company and trade secrets, and the promotion of digital innovation must be addressed.

The subject of the lecture is a practical introduction to the regulation of artificial intelligence, including concrete application examples. One of the key approaches of the aforementioned regulations is to safeguard high-risk systems through technical testing. Therefore, an in-depth insight into AI testing – tasks, functionalities and methods – will be given. (Please note that the presentation will be held in german language)