Christian Els is visiting IdeaLab on 17.10.2023!

The topic of his presentation is “AI Regulation from the Perspective of an Industrial Technology Company.”

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into non-destructive testing (NDT) has enabled significant advances in recent years, taking industrial quality assurance to a new level. As key players in this space, technology companies face a complex and evolving regulatory landscape. The presentation will offer insights into one such company’s perspective on the regulation of AI applications in NDT and industrial quality assurance.

Christian Els explains basic principles of non-destructive materials testing and emphasizes the crucial role of AI technologies in this context. AI-based systems enable more precise and efficient identification of material defects and thus contribute significantly to improving product quality and safety. Further, the current challenges and opportunities in regulating AI in NDT will be highlighted. It highlights the importance of taking a balanced approach to regulation to encourage innovation while ensuring quality and safety in the industry.

Established practices and recommendations for technology companies in the NDT industry will be covered to actively contribute to the design of meaningful AI regulations. This includes working with government agencies, industry partners and advocacy groups to support effective and forward-looking legislation. (Please note that the presentation will be held in german language)