Through the HUMAINE competence center, a process model of human-centered work with artificial intelligence (AI) is established and anchored in the work processes of the application partners through close cooperation with operational practice. To this end, methods of technical AI development, AI organizational development, and AI role and personnel development are systematically coordinated. Synergies between the industries and application fields participating are exploited, and additional application partners can be successively included and benefit from the spectrum of methods.

As a greeting in the context of our Spring Fair 2023, the parliamentary state secretary Mario Brandenburg sent us a video message in which he outlines the project and task field of the HUMAINE competence center. In doing so, he emphasizes the relevance of human-centeredness for AI applications in a digitalized society, thus underlining our vision and goals.


Our Services.

HUMAINE offers a wide range of services for interested parties, members, and partners. These include regular event series, the toolbox and certification.

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The HUMAINE toolbox consists of analysis, diagnostic and
testing tools based on interdisciplinary expertise. The tools are validated with our practice partners and continuously developed.

HUMAINE certification enables you to be visible
To your customers, suppliers and employees that you take a human-centered approach to AI development and use..

HUMAINE members get access to events such as working groups, idea labs or a spring fair for exchange within and outside the network.

Become part of the network…

as a company

Benefit from the AI expertise from the network or set new impulses for the further development of the human-centered working world of the future with AI.

  • Use HUMAINE expertise

  • Spreading human-centered AI expertise into the HUMAINE network.

  • HUMAINE-Methods discuss and develop

as a Research Institution

Take advantage of the opportunities to design your research in a practice- oriented way with companies and to implement the results in companies.

  • Use HUMAINE expertise

  • Initiate joint research projects
  • Give impulses to development

Our partners.

A small selection of our partners